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Gabriel, of Handmade Flying fame, reviewed Triptych:

Triptych is a wonderful look at the strains of not fitting into the gender binary. Adding to that the author’s fantastical musings are not overwhelming within the narrative but rather show the characters vantage point and even explain the little things inherent in a universe that is not our own. It is also breath of fresh air to see a non-gender binary character as a lead in a fantasy setting where the struggles of life and gender are just as important as the interesting setting behind it.

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Triptych | Part I

Author’s Note:

Lesson learned: don’t revise your methods section and pilot a research project the same week that you try to finish up a work of writing. Thank you all for being patient.

This story is my original work. Please do not repost. Additionally, You should be aware that it contains descriptions of nudity, implied self-harm, personal struggles with gender, and black coffee, which some of my friends assure me is a very unwelcome concept.


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Finally got my manuscript and got a chance to sit down.

Piloting research projects with four-year-olds is crazy, crazy work, especially with methodology reviews and ethics proposals. I hadn’t anticipated being completely exhausted from both the fallout of Halloween and a day of experimenting with children.

I know I said that I’d have this story up a day or so ago, but it’ll probably be another few hours at this point. I’m still celebrating being able to have more than two minutes to myself. Also I genuinely doubt that any of you care so I’ll go ahead and take my time.

I’ll post it when it’s coherent. Thanks for your patience.

Sneak Peek

I was ten when I first started keeping a journal. It was a leather-bound journal, handsome and sewn rather than glued together, and it has a finely detailed tree on the cover that I would find my fingers going to time and time again. It was a gift from my parents and I am not ashamed to say that I wrecked it without a second thought. It rode with me to school every day in my backpack, spent family trips crammed into this corner of a suitcase or that corner of a hotel drawer, was forgotten, was hurriedly riffled through when I was looking for a specific page, was stained by coffee and tea and hot chocolate, and – well, from here I am sure you can imagine the rest. I said that I wasn’t ashamed because I loved that book, and when you love a book you take it with you everywhere you go, like a second soul. The damage was nothing more or less than the natural consequence of a ten-year-old’s love. 

Part I of Triptych, a free shot story I am offering to you, will be available here at on November 1st.

writing resources!!


i’ve collected a lot of different sites over the past couple years that i use for my own writing so i thought i would share them all in a masterpost

these sites are super helpful

books on writing/being a writer

bonus round: sites i love for physical writing tools and recs of what i use

  • ShopWritersBloc - incredible variety of physical writing tools at the most reasonable prices i’ve seen after searching several sites including amazon. they carry paper products but their collection of pens is the best i’ve found. i use platinum preppy fountain pens (a disposable fountain pen; you can replace the ink cartridge in the nib when it runs out or you can buy a converter so you can use it with bottled ink)
  • MyMaido - amazing site for midori journals (my favorite) at very decent prices compared to other sites. i use midori md notebooks with lined pages (large size) because the paper quality is amazing and ink dries fairly quickly, even when i’m writing with a fountain pen, and they open flat because they have a stitched binding.
  • TheJournalShop - helpful if you live in the uk!!

i’ll be keeping this updated too

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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA) - Resource for Crime Writers


well you never know when this might come in handy.

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It’s difficult to be caught between two religions. It’s even more difficult to feel caught between two genders. At that point, being caught between two worlds, accessible through a door you found in the woods behind your house, doesn’t seem like that big a deal.

Do you like paintings of beautiful creatures, mysterious sounds in the night, doorways to other worlds, discussions of gender and religion, characters with improbable names, and pomegranates?

Part #1 of Triptych comes out on November 1st. Catch it here.

Waterfall fountain in Osaka. [video]

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Another Halloween themed post.

Part I: Superstitions










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How to improve writing skills by reading different genres (Source)

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I write compulsively, and when I write the story consumes me. This is how it’s always been — this process of wrapping yourself in your work like weaving a cocoon, a place where the outside world filters through to you in bits and pieces.

Sometimes it fades. If I don’t read or write, it fades. I am single-minded. If I turn my focus completely to my schoolwork, my writing curls up inside me like a cat, asleep for now. 

But sometimes I literally cannot concentrate on my schoolwork. Forcing myself to not write when I need to write is like trying to stifle a fire with my bare hands.

It makes me wonder sometimes what I’m doing with myself in college.

What kind of music do you like to listen to while writing? 

Do you make playlists for characters or genres?

I’m curious now.

5 Quick Tips For Better Dialogue In Fiction →

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